Who is OLMOS Technologies?

OLMOS is distributing Workstations manufactured by Hewlett Packard, IBM, Sun Microsystems and Silicon Graphics (SGI) since 1994. The range of our products spans from entry-level desktop workstations to high-end servers. This includes Sun's Fire 15000 systems and SGI's Onyx 3000, Origin 3000 or Alitx 3000.

In the beginning of 2005 we moved into your new acquired building in the Senefelderstraße in Braunschweig/Stöckheim. Now we have 1800 square meters available to offer an even broader range of products.

We are able to acquire nearly any used part HP, IBM, Sun or SGI ever built. Of course we also deliver new parts and systems from the complete current product range. If you are on a short budget, we can provide you with inexpensive compatible parts.

In addition we deliver storage solutions ranging from simple DDS4 DATs over tape robots to RAID systems. And we interconnect your servers with HiPPI, FibreChannel, Gigabit-Ethernet, GSN or InfiniBand.

In case you need a repair or support in difficult cases we are the ones to call too. Our friendly staff will be pleased to help you.



Specialized in various fields like

- Graphics Workstations, Clusters & Server

- Multi Vendor Maintenance, Repairs

- Image Generators, IT/Computer Hardware Mainboards, Graphics-Cards / Boards, Multi-Layer Circuit Boards

- Storage-Solutions DDS4 DAT, Bandroboter & RAID-Systems

- Networking your Server with HiPPI, Firbre-Channel, Gigabit-Ethernet, GSN or InfiniBand

- Simulation- & Visual Technologies for our civil & military customers including Night-Vision Flight Simulation

- Supply of obsolete parts

- Obsolescence Management

- On-Site Service and Repair