To prevent your company from facing Obsolescence Problems with your
electronical components or parts and of course based on our long term experience in dealing with obsolescence matters, we will give you support and find the right solution to solve your problems.
We are specialized to refurbish, repair, produce and overhaul your Image-Generators, Main-Boards, Graphic-Cards, Electronic-Boards like Sun, SGI, IBM, HP Workstations, Server & Parts and also from other manufacturer if possible that are no longer available on the common market, you can’t or won’t replace them or you need a repair or support in difficult cases than we are the one to call.

In phase of procurement
- definition of the affected area and interfaces.
- involvement of supplier.
- if necessary by giving up individual solutions.

In the phase of use, in-service use
- check & examination of all parts, interfaces and components on a regulary basis.
- appropriate & target-oriented storage.
- on time global market survey for remaining stock suppliers for the purpose of procurement of spare parts.

In case of already existing Obsolescence
- establishing of a permanent material requisition
- collaboration or possible cooperation with other affected companies or user

Reasons for causing Obsolescence
- technical progress
- critical production cost guidelines that could cause poor
quality and construction of products
- insufficient statutory provisions for a reasonable minimum life
time, economic repair and of course a reasonable extended
product warranty
- incorrect planning and –construction
- market saturation causing a stagnation of market
- prior consultation between competitors
- conspicuous consumption
- low market transparency
- original manufacturer disappears from the market
- economical reasons
- insufficient and poorly documented systems, parts or
- withdrawal from developer
- afflicted constructual relations /dependencies between
manufacturer and customer