OLMOS Technologies is servicing existing simulation environments for their civil
& military customers all across Europe. Our new established Visual Projection Systems Division
is targeting customers upgrading their current simulator setup with the newest technologies
and of course, also supporting or planning your new simulator projects from the design
stage until ready for training. Currently in use is the completely new
designed high performance multichannel visualization software from PhiloVis.
The combination of novel visualization techniques available in most recent
graphics hardware (GPU) and the modular software approach allows for flexible
customization and the utilization. Of course, if desired by customer, we supply
all other available systems or individual design variations to customers' specifications.


System Software Components
- Multi-Channel real-time Image Generation Software
- Offline Software Tools for database generation (preprocessed digital terrain data format, optimized for real time rendering)


Features include
- Standardized API to connect to custom aircraft simulations
- Highly realistic and accurate rendering of terrain surface and models (trees,
landscape, etc.) with smooth multi-level of details (LOD) transitions.
- Daytime depending illumination rendering (shadows, surface reflection and
day/night mode) Various weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, clouds coverage)
- Simulation of cloud movements through wind-influence, effects of flying through clouds or fog
- Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported simulation modules (Air and ground traffic,
ground personell, etc …)
- Real-time editable databases and 3D content (immediate viewing mode)
- 3D model import from various formats (.3ds, .lwo, etc.)
- Real-time Models & Terrain Databases

In currently available Image Generators, the terrain is approximated by triangulation.
PhiloVis on the other hand uses exact heights bases and is capable of processing large
amounts of unreduced data without loss of accuracy.
Terrain Data can be digital terrain elevation data (DTED) in a resolution of 1 × 1 arc
second (Level 2) and digital feature analysis data (DFAD) (first and second level) as
well as other formats (ATKIS, VMap, etc.) as requested by the customer.
Databases will be generated in a directly editable format. Corrections can be
performed directly and the results reviewed immediately.




Simulation models such as airplanes, vehicles, ships, runways, taxiways or buildings can be imported from external sources in different formats such as .3ds, .lwo, etc. Moving parts (wheels,
turbine, rotor, etc.) can be animated. The models can exist in multiple Levels of Detail (LOD). The highest LOD can consist of many thousand faces to guarantee a realistic view.



PhiloSim a high-quality simulation system
PhiloSim is a high-quality simulation system mainly for the military aviation area, which can be adapted to other areas
as well. The system is PC-based and therefore the acquisition price as well as maintenance cost of PhiloSim are a fraction of
other systems already established in the market. The simulation parameters & visual content of PhiloSim are
extensively variable according to customer requirements.

Wing-Man simulation and special exercises as well as air refueling are represented with high reality.
A Head Up Display (HUD)
can be integrated into the scene as required. To control the
own ship, the moving models and the environment settings, a free configurable interface is provided.
PhiloSim presently includes the modules Visual Simulation, Moving Map Display (incl. flight planning functions) and Sensor
Simulation (Ground Mapping Radar and FLIR).