Begining with July 1st, we will be known as OLMOS Technologies GmbH. This is indended to reflect the continous expansion of our portfolio.

Our status as SGI Prefered Channel Member allows us to make you even more attractive offers, especially concerning new systems. No matter wether used, refurbished or band new - we will find you the best SGI system.

In addition we offer you support and maintenance not only for the current Linux-based Altix system but also for IRIX based system with MIPS processors.

SGI has been one of the leading suppliers for high-end servers and workstations for years. The excellent products convince with many unique features and longlivety. Warranty and support for the next ten years are covered by SGI and OLMOS, even for older products.

SGI Workstations & Server

The InfiniBand products from SilverStorm are available for different platforms: Linux (Redhat, SuSe, Rocks), Mac OS X, Solaris 10, Windows (XP, 2000, 2003).

The new InfiniBand network technology allows connecting systems with speeds up to 30 GigaBit/s. Based on channels with a speed of 2.5 GBit/s, links can be used single (1x) or aggregated at 12 GBit/s (4x) or 30 GBit/s (12x) while using a single copper cable.


Rounding off the Altix line at the lower end, the Altix 330 starts with 2 processors in a 1U enclosure. Scaling up to 16 processors, then taking 9U of rack space.

Altix 330 page at SGI

Being the entry system of the Altix line - expandable up to 512 processors - the Altix 330 sets new standards for space economy. Each system module houses two Itanium 2 processors, up to 16 gigabyes of memory, two SATA2 or SAS disks, a DVD-ROM and a PCI-X slot. For more PCI slots an expansion module can be attached, adding six additional slots. Two system modules may be connected by a simple cable to form a shared-memory system with four processors. With the optional router up to eight modules can be connected. NUMAlink 4 cables connect the system modules with a datarate of up to 6.4 GigaBit per second.